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Author: Cheryl Turner Date: January 27, 2015 Chiropractic, lifestyle, Sports, wellness

HAS YOUR BODY MOVED TODAY? Glebe Chiropractic Clinic Blog Exercise is good for us! We know, we know! We know because we’ve heard it a thousand times but it can be tough to get started. Try out these tips and ‘trick’ yourself into getting moving:

Think movement, not exercise. The word ‘exercise’ can conjure up feelings of pain and just plain too much work. It sounds like semantics but simply changing the way the brain perceives exercise can help.

Walk Fast. If the thought of jogging or running scares you, try fast walking! It’s a fantastic way to get more motion into the body to start feeling healthier.

Try a new movement! Add some fun to your workout by trying out a new activity. You’ll be having fun because of the novelty of the movement and most importantly you’ll be getting healthier. Try a dance class twice a week instead of the boring old cardio routine, etc. Our bodies want and need motion in order to stay healthy. By whatever means necessary, sneak some more movement into your day to day activities. Get moving!

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