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Could a Chiropractor Help You?

Author: Glebe’s Healthcare Team Date: September 11, 2018 Category: Uncategorized
byward chiropractic clinic + massage therapy centre chiropractor blog post

Have you seen a chiropractor yet for that nagging back pain? Recently, recommendations have been made to all health practitioners, particularly medical doctors regarding the effective treatment of low back pain. These guidelines have put in the forefront the role that chiropractors can play in helping to eliminate the growing problem that acute, subacute and…

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Weekend Warrior Injury Prevention

Author: Glebe’s Healthcare Team Date: July 24, 2018 Category: Uncategorized

What You Can Do To Prevent Injury A weekend warrior is someone who participates in an activity only in their spare time.  It’s all or nothing. So for most of the week, there is not much activity, then all of a sudden your body is thrown into a lot of activity.  It can be a…

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