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The Fitness Wave

Staying on top of the fitness wave – Guest post by Erin Nelson, personal trainer.

Glebe Chiropractic Clinic + Massage Therapy Centre guest blog post the Fitness wave Erin Nelson, personal trainer

The fitness wave begins in January with the excitement of a New Year. We are motivated and ready to become the healthiest and fittest we’ve ever been! We have it set in our daily schedule and we begin with joy! We continue riding the fitness wave, fitting exercise into our routines for a few weeks and then one day we don’t feel like working out. Then the following day we’re still not in the mood and then before we know it, we are no longer on top of the wave… we are now floating on the bottom…AGAIN!

Then, after the long, cold and dark days of winter, signs of spring begin to arise and we have this sensation of renewal and unrest. We are excited and ready… only to end up at the bottom again, a few weeks into it. And the fitness wave repeats again after the BBQ’s, cocktails, and lazy days of summer.

So, how does one stay consistently active for a whole year and even more importantly, the rest of their life?

In order to figure this out, one must understand WHY does this keep happening?

These questions, along with honest answers, could be the key to getting back on that fitness wave and staying on it for many years to come.

Here are four key questions to ask yourself:

1.     Do you enjoy exercise/activities?

Everyone has their comfort zones when it comes to fitness. Some enjoy being in a gym, a class setting, being outside walking, running, or playing sports. Regardless of what you do, you MUST enjoy it. If you don’t, then it will be next to impossible to stay consistent and motivated to continue.  This is where you need to figure it out. Exercise is not about being in the gym for hours on end. You must change your thought process. Think more along the lines of anytime you are active in any way, shape, or form you are doing something great for your wellness! Try new things, classes or even set aside 10 minutes to do 3 exercises a day. Something is better than nothing!

2.     Do you really want to become the healthy person you envision?

Everyone has their vision of how they want to look and feel.  Motivation is the easy part when you are ready to hop on the wave. Staying consistent is the hard part. Again, we need to look at this in a different way. Who are you accountable to? You are accountable to your partner, children, friends, and work.  You create your day based on everything that is important to you. So why are your health and well-being not in your daily schedule? Life is busy and full of stress; however, without YOU, everything that is significant to you will be neglected. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first!  You are important and you need to feel good and energetic to achieve your daily tasks. So if you really want it, then you must make time. Pencil yourself in: YOU should be at the top of the priority list when it comes to scheduling your day!

3.     What has stopped you from achieving your fitness goals in the past?

As a fitness expert for over 15 years, I have heard all the excuses to skip a workout and I must say, there were many creative ones! A good idea is to think back on what stopped you each time you started a new fitness routine, nutrition plan or any type of activity/program that would contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Was it lack of time, boredom, laziness or just simply “not in the mood” any longer. You must figure out what it was. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, in my experience that is not possible! In my experience, forming a new habit takes at least 2 months, and sometimes more! Forming a new habit is a slow process and is to be taken day by day!  As you go along you will see it becomes easier and before you know it, your newly formed habit will become a part of your routine!

4.     Do you have an injury that is preventing you from being active?

It was long thought that bed rest was the solution to musculoskeletal injuries. We now know better and people are advised to stay active while recovering from most injuries. I would estimate that 85% of my clients have some sort of injury that keeps creeping up on them from time to time. Whether it’s chronic or acute, an injury can easily stop you from being active. While many of my clients try to use that as an excuse not to exercise, I always remind them they have other body parts to work on too! Exercise can be an important tool in your recovery. The best advice I can give you is to make an appointment with a professional such as a chiropractor or massage therapist. In order to recover you need to know the how and why of your injury. Not only can they help you get back on your feet quickly, they can collaborate with your trainer to find exercises that will help in your recovery. Think about how amazing it would be to be pain-free, to be able to continue with all the activities you enjoy, and stay on top of your fitness wave !

With all these questions asked, you DO have the answers. You have control over one of the most important things in life which is YOU! Don’t allow days, weeks, months and years to pass and still be riding the fitness wave up and down. Get back on track and make yourself the top priority. Don’t regret all the daily opportunities to better your health and wellness. Consistency is the key!  If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!

About Erin!

Erin Nelson Erin Nelson comes with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Erin is a graduate of a Fitness & Health program as well as a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Over the years, Erin has worked with a long array of amazing health club members, clients, and class participants. A newcomer to Ottawa, Erin has created her own Personal Training business: 30 in 30 fitness.  Her dedication to her client’s well-being is the most important to her.  Along the way, Erin has come up with many ideas on how to find the balance in our busy lives. Erin’s realistic approach to wellness has helped many clients stay on the fitness wave and enjoy every minute of it!

Erin Nelson

30 in 30 fitness

Exercise Specialist

PTS,FIS, Fitness & Health Dip.

Located in the Byward Market

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