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Five of Your Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Author: Glebe’s Healthcare Team Date: November 21, 2017 Chiropractic, lifestyle

Five of the Most Common Questions Chiropractors Hear and Our Answers.

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Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been a chiropractic patient for years, chances are you have or will have questions surrounding care. On a daily basis, our chiropractors are asked many great questions about chiropractic. This blog post will explore five of the most commonly asked questions and our chiropractor’s answers.


Question 1: What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is a highly skilled and specific movement that is utilized to restore proper function to a joint and optimize function. Adjustments can be done throughout the whole body to numerous joints including the spine, shoulders, wrists, elbows, and feet. Chiropractic adjustments are generally performed hands-on, but may also be accomplished through the use of an instrument. Specific adjustments will look different depending on the part of the body being adjusted, the patient receiving it and the doctor performing the adjustment.


Adjustments are not the same for everyone. They are adapted to your unique presentation, condition, and body type. The amount of force used for an adjustment varies between people and even between the different joints in the body. The force used on a small child will be about the pressure used to check if a tomato is ripe and is very different from that used to adjust an adult.


Adjustments are safe and effective. Complications are rare, and side effects minor such as temporary soreness. Before starting care, your chiropractor will perform a history and examination to determine if an adjustment is right for you or if you need a referral to another healthcare professional.

Question 2: What Causes the “Popping” Sound When I Get an Adjustment?

An adjustment may cause a release of gas from the joint and this results in a popping sound. This is the same thing that happens when your knuckles “crack”. The noise is caused by the change in pressure in the joint. However, if there is no gas in the joint to be released or if it releases slowly you will not hear the pop.


Question 3: When Should I See a Chiropractor?

You can see a chiropractor for a spine assessment at any point; you don’t need to have pain or discomfort. Chiropractic care can be done preventatively. Pain is only a symptom. Pain is generally the last symptom to appear and the first one to go away. However, most people come to see a chiropractor when they are in pain. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort for more than 48 hours you should consult a healthcare professional. Many people find that chiropractic treatment helps them maintain mobility and a good range of motion, and function better in their day to day lives. Chiropractic care helps you maintain a healthy spine and optimal joint function.


84% of working Canadians will experience back pain at one point in their life. For many people, this pain will keep them out of doing the simple things in life. If pain is interrupting your ability to perform your day to day activities, you should consult a healthcare professional, such as a chiropractor. 


There are many reasons to see a chiropractor including, but not limited to; sports injuries, work injuries, accidents, back pain, neck pain, headaches, chronic stiffness and tightness from office work or school/studying, and even the stress of daily living.

Question 4: How Do I Choose A Good Pillow or Mattress?

The short answer is by taking your time! Picking a pillow or mattress cannot be rushed. What makes a pillow or mattress good for one person may not work for another person. Considering how much time we spend sleeping, our pillows and mattresses are critical for spinal health. The first thing to consider before even picking a pillow off the shelf is the position you sleep most in. For example, what position do you fall asleep in and wake up in? This will change the type of pillow you need. Someone who sleeps on their back will need a thinner pillow.  A side sleeper will need a pillow that fills in the gap between their shoulder and ear. For further tips on choosing a pillow for a better night’s sleep check out our blog post on the subject. When considering the purchase of a mattress, make sure you consider yours and your partner’s sleeping habits. Take your time, lay down for a while, move around, and try your different sleep positions. The mattress should support your spine. Your back will thank you. For tips on when to replace your mattress check out this blog post on the subject.


Question 5: Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care; from children to older adults, athletes, weekend warriors, office workers, to students. During pregnancy, after an injury, or to help combat the effects of sitting, chiropractic care is a great choice for your health.  Chiropractic care is tailored to each specific individual’s needs and goals.


Chiropractic care is great for everyone. Our Chiropractors love to answer your questions. If you have questions about chiropractic care or your health be sure to ask your healthcare professional.

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