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Author: Cheryl Turner Date: January 27, 2015 Chiropractic, lifestyle, massage, work
Sitting your life away - Glebe chiropractic clinic blog The studies just keep on coming! We may just be literally sitting our lives away. We now know that excessive sitting is connected to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and worse of all, a shortened life expectancy. The trouble with these findings is that sitting at work is mostly unavoidable for many of us with desk jobs.

Though we don’t entirely understand why it is so damaging to sit for long periods of time, one theory suggests that our bodies ‘crave’ movement. If our cells, organs, joints and other tissues don’t get this movement, the body can start to slow down. Waste products can build up and our health can deteriorate. The good news is that this information can empower us to be proactive and decrease the ill effects of sitting too much. Try these two strategies throughout your day:

  1. Promise yourself that you will get up once every hour to stretch out your hamstrings and to do a quick jog on the spot for 1 minute.
  2. Aim to get at least a half hour of physical activity daily. The physical activity has to be rigorous. If our bodies are designed to move then we must not hesitate on moving them.

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