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Spring cleaning your routine for a healthier you.

Spring Cleaning For A Healthier You

Spring is here! As you create your spring cleaning to-do list, make sure to include you on that list. Take some time to freshen up your daily routine towards a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you! Here are five tips to help guide you through that important task.


Clean up your eating habits

Spring cleaning out the fridge and pantry goes hand in hand with cleaning up your eating habits and getting back on track with healthy nutrition. Find simple ways to reduce your sugar intake and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Try a homemade smoothie with spinach or kale and frozen berries in the morning instead of a sweet cereal or high-calorie muffin. The best way to keep up with good habits and to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to plan ahead and make small changes that fit into your lifestyle. Another great way to spring clean your diet is to add more nutrition-packed ingredients to your meals. In-season produce has the most nutritional value so check out the Ottawa Farmers’ Markets for fresh ingredients for you and your family.


Dust off your sleep routine

Give your sleep routine a spring cleaning to make sure you are getting the most out of those precious hours. Restorative sleep not only makes us feel alert and ready for the day, it strengthens our memories and helps our bodies heal. You can reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep by making a few small changes. Consider replacing your pillow, flipping your mattress and switching your winter bed sheets for lighter ones while you spring clean. Create a sleep routine that allows you to wind down before bed by avoiding sugar, caffeine and screen time.

Toss away stress

As you toss away unwanted items from your house this spring, toss away unwanted stress. Stress can have a dramatically negative impact on our health including headaches, muscle tension and pain, lack of motivation, social withdrawal and depression. It’s time to get rid of what we can’t control and find ways to better manage what we can. Set reminders for yourself to take the time to move and stretch at work; take a walk outside on your lunch break, and treat yourself to a relaxing massage at Glebe Massage Therapy Centre after a busy day at work.

Move more

The sun is shining and the weather is warmer. It’s time to move our bodies from their winter hibernation positions to the trails, paths, and parks. Moving more this spring is easy. All you need to get started is a little motivation and 15 minutes a day. Check out Fit-in 15 by the Ontario Chiropractic Association for a realistic guide to a more active season!

For those who include regular physical activity into their winter lifestyles, you can still spring clean your fitness routine! Set new goals; find races or fitness events to challenge your mind and body or try a new activity. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the spring in Ottawa. In a few short weeks, you can hop on a bike and experience the Canadian Tulip Festival. RentABike offers adult and youth bikes for rent by the hour, the day or even by the week. You can then embark on your own tulip journey or you can book a guided cycling tour.

Get your body tuned-up

Like your car, your body can benefit from a spring tune-up. Your chiropractor cares about your whole health and can help you get on the path of moving, functioning and performing better.

As you change your tires this spring, take a look at your running shoes, are they worn out, do they need to be changed too? You may also want to consider custom foot orthotics to support your body. You can schedule a visit with your chiropractor who will do a complete evaluation of your foot and ankle biomechanics as well as your gait to determine how custom foot orthotics can help you.

Your body and mind deserve a fresh start this spring so don’t forget about you on that spring cleaning to-do list!



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